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A real-time notification of incoming calls on an AVM FRITZ!Box Fon.





listen2fritz provides real-time notification of incoming calls on an AVM FRITZ!Box Fon. Therefore, if you own an AVM FRITZ!Box Fon and want to get notified in real-time about incoming calls via your Dream-Multimedia-TV Dreambox or your Instant Messenger, you may want to try listen2fritz.


For RPM based systems (only tested with openSUSE) download and install the RPM package.

If you want to build listen2fritz on your own, download the source tarball, install the development packages of OpenLDAP and CURL, and do the following:

tar xvzf listen2fritz-0.5.tar.gz
cd listen2fritz-0.5

After that, do the installation as root user:

make install

listen2fritz is now installed. Now edit the configuration file in /etc/listen2fritz.conf and change it to fit your environment. The comments in the config file explain the options.

Next step is to start listen2fritz.

Start it in foreground first:

listen2fritz --foreground

listen2fritz will display log messages in your shell session and log these also into the system log. Check if everything is working and correct the config file if not.

The package also installed a system rc file under /etc/init.d/listen2fritz and an convenience link /usr/sbin/rclisten2fritz. Use your runlevel editor to enable listen2fritz for the desired runlevel (on SUSE system a "chkconfig listen2fritz on" should do this).
Last updated on March 2nd, 2009

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