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gShieldConf is a small program to edit the gShield configuration files.




gShield is an aggressive, modular, ipchains-based firewall script. gShieldConf is a small program to edit the configuration files for it. It is written using the gtk toolkit. It is released under the GNU GPL.

Please note, gShield must be installed prior to running gshieldconf. The program will load (and save) the gShield configuration file(s). It uses the contents of the file to determine the settings for the user interface. Anything defined in the user interface but not in the conf file can be changed, but the changes will not be saved after that.

Here are some key features of "gShieldConf":

Simple and easy to see the firewall configuration at a glance.
Preserves unknown variables.
Preserves comments and formatting of conf files
Easy to extend when the conf file is changed.


No way to activate the changes that have been made (ie, run gShield.rc).
The conf files must be installed before running gshieldconf. In other words you cannot use gshieldconf to create a new script.
No revert/undo operation. It is actually rather easy to support a single level of undo. I may do this at some point.
Doesn't actually check to see if there have been any changes before saving the config files out.
The Firewall Root directory must exist, it will not be creat

What's New in This Release:

Removed 'Save As' and 'Load' menu items/code. I have done this because it was an ill conceived feature and doesn't make sense anymore.
Made it compile and work with both libxml1 and libxml2.
Removed last vestiges of hard coded file paths (specifically the paths to the gShield configuration files).
Seperated the program from the controls.xml file. This was done to better be able to maintain the controls.xml file and to support multiple versions of gShield.
Added a new UI control type, the 'combo box'. This is to support the tri-state fields in gShield2.6 and up.
The structure of controls.xml has changed a bit. Mostly added a new node type, 'Configfiles' to specify the locations of the files to be loaded.
Last updated on July 11th, 2006

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