fileschanged 0.6.1

fileschanged is a command line utility for monitoring files for alterations.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.2/5 18
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
fileschanged is a GNU/Linux command-line utility that reports when files have been altered.

This software is a client to the FAM (File Alteration Monitor) server that is now available in some distributions. Here's how the fileschanged FAM client works: you give it some filenames on the command line and then it monitors those files for changes.

When it discovers that a file has changed (or has been altered), it displays the filename on the standard-output.

Here's what the usage looks like:

Usage: fileschanged [OPTION...] [FILE]...
Monitors FILEs for alterations. Display the filenames of FILEs that were created, changed, deleted, started execution or finished executing.

-s, --show=EVENT[,...] Display created, changed, deleted, executing, or
executed files (Default is "created,changed"
-a, --show-all Display all file events and the associated action
-f, --files-to-monitor (Default) Monitor the FILEs on the command line
-l, --filelist=FILE Monitor the list of filenames inside FILE
-r, --recursive Monitor subdirectories of directories
-t, --timeout=N Delay showing changed files for N seconds (Def=2)
-p, --display-action Display action when showing altered files
-x, --exec=PROG Run PROG when file altered (PROG action filename)
-?, --help Give this help list
--usage Give a short usage message
-V, --version Print program version

FILEs must exist when monitoring begins, or they will not be monitored.

Last updated on April 7th, 2005

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