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Takes monitoring data from Nagios-plugins to push with NSCA (Nagios or Icinga) or WS-Shinken.
eyepea-monitoring-agent takes monitoring data from Nagios-plugins to push with NSCA (Nagios or Icinga) or WS-Shinken.

How to install?

Debian packages is the prefered method. If you use another distribution, you can use the Python package or contribute to publish a package for your distribution.


We are working to propose clean Debian packages, a first version exists in the debian/ folder.

Python package

Warning: Root rights are necessary to install config files and cron file. pip install eyepea-monitoring-agent


- Default config files location: /etc/eyepea_monitoring_agent/
- Default cron file location: /etc/cron.d/

1. Configure passive checks on your monitoring system:

1. Shinken
2. (PDF) Nagios
3. Icinga

2. Configure the nagios plugins you want to use in nagios_plugins.cfg:

1. Define the nagios plugins path with the path option in [default_settings] section.
2. The name of each section is the nagios plugin command.
3. Each setting is a CLI option of the nagios plugin.

3. Fill in the credidentials for your monitoring system in nsca.cfg or ws_shinken.cfg.
4. Adapt the checks frequency in: /etc/cron.d/eyepea_monitoring_agent.

CLI options

Launch: eyepea_monitoring_agent --help You can override the location of each config file with a CLI parameter.


By default, it uses cron syslog and console for the logs. You can customize this behaviour in logging.ini: http://docs.python.org/library/logging.config.html#configuration-file-format


Community support is provided via Github: https://github.com/Eyepea/eyepea_monitoring_agent/issues

last updated on:
August 21st, 2012, 20:56 GMT
developed by:
Ludovic Gasc
license type:
AGPL v3 
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