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ebtables is a filtering tool for a bridging firewall.





ebtables is a filtering tool for a bridging firewall. A firewalling tool to transparently filter network traffic passing a bridge. The filtering possibilities are limited to link layer filtering and some basic filtering on higher network layers. Advanced logging, MAC DNAT/SNAT and brouter facilities are also included.
The ebtables tool can be used together with the other Linux filtering tools, iptables/ip6tables/arptables. There are no incompatibility issues.

This site also has the latest ebtables/bridge-nf patches for the 2.4 kernel series.

The arptables userspace tool is also maintained here.

What's New in This Release:

ebtables modules are now located in /usr/lib/ebtables/
added '/sbin/service ebtables' support
added ebtables-save (thanks to Rok Papez ) and ebtables-restore (the first one a perl script, the second one written in c (fast)
optimized the code for the '-A' command, making ebtables-restore very fast.
ebtablesd/ebtablesu is deprecated and not compiled by default the ebtables-save/ebtables-restore scheme is much better
Last updated on December 16th, 2011

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