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diskfree is a sh-based util for monitoring disk usage with email reporting.




diskfree project is a shell script designed to be run periodically from cron to let you know how much disk space you've used, what directories have grown, which directories have shrunk, etc.


1. If you have Bash installed, then edit line 1 and point it to Bash. If you don't have Bash installed, but have the Korn shell installed, edit line 1 and point it to that (typically #!/bin/ksh).

2. Decide which directories you want reported on or if you're paranoid, remember to use the '-p' option. If you want something other than the default then use the '-d' option

3. Decide who should get the report. If it should go to root, don't do anything. If it goes to someone else, use the -m option (-m someone@somewhere.net)

4. Decide where you want the files this script creates to be put. If /tmp is OK with you, do nothing. If you want them elsewhere use the -l option (-l /var/log)

5. Decide how frequently you want the report run (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) If you want it run daily, then create on entry in your crontab like:
00 00 * * * /some/path/diskfree
If you want to run it monthly as well, I suggest you also add this to crontab:
00 02 01 * * /some/path/diskfree -e monthly
And quarterly would appear in crontab like:
00 04 01 */4 * /some/path/diskfree -e quarterly

6. Save your crontab.

7. Copy diskfree.8 /usr/man/man8

8. Wait for the script to run TWICE, then check your email and review the report

9. Send comments, bugs, suggestions to dhunley@columbus.rr.com

What's New in This Release:

Altered the output to put the 'df' output first and the details second.
Last updated on April 7th, 2005

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