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constat is an application that monitors, logs and reports the activity of network connections present on your system.




constat (formally known as cstat) is an application that monitors, logs and reports the activity of network connections present on your system. It's simplicity makes it a must have network utility which works under any Linux/Unix distribution. It does not require the X window Server.

constat reports sent/received traffic information for every live network device, giving you the option of displaying its output in units of Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) and Gigabytes (GB) along with the number of transmitted packets. It also includes a real time monitoring option based on a timer.

Additionally constat provides the option to view the socket table (Local/remote IPs with ports they are binded to) for a specific protocol or all protocols at once.


constat [OPTIONS] < interface >
constat -t [protocol]

constat ethO -- displays information for ethO.
constat ppp -- displays information for devices, matching ppp*.
constat all -- displays information for all available devices.

constat -t -- shows addr./port table for all avail. protocols
constat -t tcp -- shows address/port table for the tcp protocol
constat -b eth -- logs info for eth* every 5 seconds in background

constat -bm=10 eth -- logs info for eth* every 10 seconds in

-a -- same as "all" interface.
-b -- run in background (enables -d and -m); use -x to stop
-d -- dumps output to the log file.
-g -- displays sent/received information in GBs.
-h -- displays help and exits the program (same as -help).
-i -- displays full status information on device(s) including Mac
address, packets sent/received, errors and packets dropped.
-k -- displays sent and received information in KBs.
-l -- displays the list of available devices.
-m[=< seconds >] -- monitors device(s) activity (5-second timer by def.).
-p -- shows the list of available protocols to use with the -t option
-q -- runs program in quiet mode. Monitors activity and dumps data
to log without any output. Options -d and -m must present in
order to use (otherwise ignored).
-s -- displays log file information and exits the program.
-t -- displays the IP address/port table for the machine constat
is running on.
-v -- displays program version and exits (the same as -version)
-x -- stop constat running in the background mode

--help -- displays program help and exits
--version -- displays program version and exits.

What's New in This Release:

An output only numbers option has been added (-n).
A new style of output formatting (transmitted packets are shown on a separate line).
An option to use old style formatting (-o).
A new log format (same as syslog).
The log file has been moved to /var/log/ and renamed to constat.log.
The -s option is extended (the 'more' command is automatically executed when viewing all entries; -s=< n > shows the last n entries).
The monitoring timer (-m option) default value has changed to 30 seconds.
configure has been added.
COPYRIGHT has been renamed to COPYING.
INSTALL, TODO, and AUTHORS files have been added.
Last updated on August 19th, 2008

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