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An Open Source and famous general purpose Nagios/Icinga-plugin for retrieving data

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Check_MK is an open source, multiplatform and freely distributed web-based application designed from the offset to provide users with a new way to collect data from operating systems or network components.

The software obsoletes the NRPE, check_by_ssh, NSClient and check_snmp applications. It provides significant reduction of CPU usage on Nagios hosts, as well as automatic inventory of items to be checked on hosts.

The application includes three awesome tools, Multisite, a full featured status GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Nagios, based on Livestatus; MK Livestatus, a Nagios event broker module; and WATO, a configuration GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Features at a glance

Key features include a beautiful and attractive method for configuring the Nagios monitoring system by activating configuration generator and automatic service recognition instead of using Nagios’ config data, support for contracting each host once per check interval, as well as support for sending check results to Nagios as passive checks, saving a lot of resources on both client and server systems.

Additionally, Check_MK offers a flexible and simple notification system that can be easily configured. The notification system supports defining and configuration of multiple channels for different users, but users can also configure the notification system themselves.

Supports mobile devices

Another interesting features is the ability to use the application straight from a mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet. It allows users of mobile devices to easily access status data, as well as to execute “Set for Downtimes” and “Acknowledge” commands. All mobile devices will be automatically recognized.

Check_MK was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on December 5th, 2014
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