brandgang 0.1

brandgang is a http firewall tunneling for Java applets with restricted network.
brandgang is a http firewall tunneling for Java applets with restricted network.

You should install the software like this:

Extract the archive to a (home-)directory. For now there are no
installation scripts or further installation instructions.

tar -xzvf

WinZip users check: TAR file smart CR/LF Conversion.

You will need to create directories "var" and "lib" by hand, if your
archiver ignores empty directories. Check MANIFEST for anything

Main features:

  • This transparently uses the browser configured proxy, simulating duplex communication, by multiple to a http tunnel server, that forwards the connection. Because no reference to the proxy is made, no security exceptions will be thrown for restricted applets.
  • A combination of encryption (RSA/RC4) and message digests(MD5) is used in an effort to secure an insecure datapath. Though this comes with only a (small) telnet and SSH client, it is supposed to be easy to modify other networking applets to use tunnels.
  • You can still use modified clients for direct connections over tcp sockets. You can also use secured connections to the tunnel server over a common tcp socket, and have the connection forwarded.
  • The tunnel server can forward to multiple servers, handling multiple tunnels concurrently. The tunnel server can handle requests from http clients for files,
  • so you don't need to run any (other) httpd to host the applets. The tunnel server can be used to enable access to a LAN. You can allow accepting and connecting hosts for the tunnel server (besides setting a Java security policy).
  • Both server and clients are written in Java.

last updated on:
July 12th, 2006, 4:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Harmen van der Wall
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
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