YASMon 0.0.7

Yet Another System Monitor
YASMon is system monitoring software.

YASMon is system monitoring software designed to monitor both the local system and an arbitrary number of remote systems.

YASMon can operate either in local mode - acting as a standard system monitor for the computer on which it is running - or in remote mode, providing information on an aribtrary number of computers running YASMond (the YASMon server daemon).


Please note that all remote monitoring happens over an unsecured connection, meaning that it is possibly for a large number of eavesdroppers to see all data you can see on your screen (but not modify anything), depending on your network connection (obviously, for connections confined to a properly firewalled LAN or VPN, this is not the case). Although this is not a problem for most installations (CPU usage and similar information is usually not dangerous), administrators should be conscious of this fact. This will be fixed in future versions of YASMon (openning the way to more detailed information viewing, as well as remote administration).

By default, YASMon functions on port 61874.

Main features:

  • Local monitoring on a system without a YASMond process
  • Remote monitoring over an unsecured connection
  • Viewing (both remote and local) of:
  • CPU usage for multiple processors
  • RAM usage
  • Uptime
  • Library for use by other programs.
  • Qt4-based GUI

last updated on:
July 19th, 2010, 10:24 GMT
license type:
GPL v3 
developed by:
Scott Lawrence
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
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