WiCoPro 2.1.0

WiCoPro is a Client/Server suite designed to allow logging off, powering off and rebooting of the remote computers.
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WiCoPro project is a Client/Server suite designed to allow logging off, powering off and rebooting of the remote computers. The client, available under Linux and Windows, is written in python.

The WiCoPro suite includes several modules : the client, the object server, intended to distribute the machines and the places, the web console allowing the administrator to operate on the machines, the communications server to establish the connection between the client and the various modules, and an executor allowing to launch tasks via a cron job.

Main features:

  • <b>Wicopro Web Console (WWC) :</b> the web console is used by the administrator to get an overview of the computers' status and provide a way to interact with them. The console shows a geographical and structured overview of all the stations availabled in the database.
  • <b>Wicopro Executor (WEX) :</b> this simple module makes possible to send commands to the computers; ie: you can shutdown all the PC of a given building at midnight, using a cron job, no matter what OS they are running.
  • <b>Wicopro Object Database (WOD) :</b> The object dispatcher is used as an interface between the database and the WWC and WEX modules. It answers SOAP requests which provides the list of computers and their properties like their location, the OS they are running, etc.
  • <b>Wicopro Communication Server (WCS) :</b> the WCS module is the only one that has direct access to the clients running on the computers. It communicates with them using a custom protocol in both synchronous and asynchronous ways. It comes with a multithreaded scheduler which can manage a significant number of requests.
  • <b>Wicopro Client :</b> the client is written in python and run on Linux and Windows (it could run on OSX but it hasn't been tested yet). The client, a service on windows, can be started in the background on linux. It's used to disconnect users, power off and reboot the remote stations.
  • <b>GLPI plugin :</b> this module can import locations and computers already stored in a GLPI database.

last updated on:
July 18th, 2007, 21:33 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Matthieu Lecorre
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