Tupsmand 0.6.1

Tupsmand is the core of the Tecnoupman manager.
Tecnoupman project is a manager/monitor for the UPS Tecnoware Adv. Tecnoware (FIRENZE), only supplies a payment proprietary cable and software.

So, even if the UPS is equipped of RS-232 interface it's not possible, without spent a lot of money, to manage the UPS directly from the PC.

I've tried several times to contact the Tecnoware (firenze), but i've obtained zero support and zero technical infos about the UPSes and the cables pinouts. The cable, in fact, is a non standard one.


After that you've compiled the sources, and connected the UPS to Serial Port, you're ready to use the manager/monitor. Tupsmand is the core of the system. It can monitor and manage the power and the shutdown of the server/ups.

You've to startup the daemon using a command like:

revolution#tupsmand /etc/tupsmand.conf

after startup, tupsmand'll daemonize monitoring all the parameters from the
UPS. All paramters for the startup, must be specified in the config file:
tupsman.conf, like this format:


last updated on:
February 20th, 2007, 16:08 GMT
developed by:
Costantino Pistagna
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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