TTG 2.0

A small command line utility that displays current throughput on an interface of a remote device over SNMP.

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What's new in TTG 2.0:

  • Support for 64-bit counters, SNMP v2c, and ifXtable.
  • Displays interface descriptions in extended mode.
  • A fix for calculating proper throughput with 32-bit counter resets.
  • Major bugfixes and platform support.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.4/5 13
Antoni Sawicki
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
1 TTG Screenshot:
TTG (Text Traffic Grapher) is a small command line utility that displays current throughput (bandwidth usage) on an interface of a remote device such as router/switch, over SNMP. You can think of TTG as command line version of STG or a high-interval/ad-hoc query/test tool for MRTG, etc. The output is very similar to ping command. You can use it to quickly check/measure traffic before waiting 5 minute cycle, or when configuring MRTG.

TTG allows you to specify:

- SI prefix k/M/G (default is auto)
- units bits/bytes (b/B)
- size of "kilo" which can be either 1000 or 1024 depending on personal opinion (default is 1000)
- interval in seconds and count limit.
- Finally the utility also allows you to list all interfaces on the device and can take interface name, such as "FastEthernet1/1" or it's abbreviation ("fa1/1") instead of OID name/number as the parameter.

Last updated on January 14th, 2009

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