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Qps is a visual process manager,an X11 version of 'top' or 'ps'.





Qps is a visual process manager, an X11 version of "top" or "ps" that displays processes in a window and lets you sort and manipulate them.

Here are some key features of "Qps":

· change nice value of a process
· alter the scheduling policy and soft realtime priority of a process
· display the TCP/UDP sockets used by a process, and names of the connected hosts (Linux only)
· display the memory mappings of the process (which files and shared libraries are loaded where)
· display the open files of a process, and the state of unix domain sockets
· kill or send any other signal to selected processes
· display the load average as a graph, and use this as its icon when iconified
· show (as graph or numbers) current CPU, memory and swap usage
· sort the process table on any attribute (size, cpu usage, owner etc)
· on SMP systems running Linux 2.1 or later (or Solaris), display cpu usage for each processor, and which CPU a process is running on
· display the environment variables of any process
· show the process table in tree form, showing the parent-child relationship
· execute user-defined commands on selected processes
· display MOSIX-specific fields and migrate processes to other nodes in a cluster


· Qt library 1.40 or later (get it here). Qt 2.x works.
· Linux 2.0 or later, or Solaris 2.6 or later. (There is an old version for Solaris 2.5.x.)
· A C++ compiler, if you compile from the sources.
Last updated on July 19th, 2007
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