ProSum 0.28

ProSum is a terminal based program that protects your files, sys_call_table and IDT like tripwire way.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Ivan San Jose
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
ProSum is a terminal based program that protects your files, sys_call_table and IDT like tripwire way (All in user space, without kernel modules).

In addition, database with files etc. could be encrypted with Blowfish algorythm and files that are protected could be store at any secure/bastion host to later replace them. You can disable sys_call_table and IDT support for Non-Linux systems. ProSum could be run on any UNIX system, at least with file protect mode (without IDT and sys_call_table support). ProSum was designed for if you run it on Linux x86 platform, kernel haven't LKM support or have any type of protection against load and unload LKM, for many protection. Anyway this is not neccesary, but is recommended.

Here are some key features of "ProSum":

- IDT, Kernel Symbols and Syscall hacking protection throught /dev/kmem for Linux x86 (developing protection for Linux sparc).
File protection in a Tripwire way on any UNIX POSIX compliant.
Database encryption with Blowfish algorythm on any UNIX.
Recover files which are protected from a bastion/secure host.
Syscall hacking by method described on protection.

What's New in This Release: translated to english on INSTALL.en Support for extended flags on Linux.
To run program you need password that you define in config_prosum.h
User could be specify random seed for ivec to encrypt BBDD.
Now encryption support works, tested on Linux, *BSD and Solaris.
Fixed removing absolute path on snd_tcp_serv.c
Now you can compile program without gettext support with --disable-nls
OpenSSL API have been removed for encryption support because there are many problems with it and non-Linux systems, and API of GnuPG 1.0.7 have been added.
Fixed malfunctions with GNU make.
Now you can protect files from different hosts in an unique bastion host.
Now you can protect files that starting by a point (.).
Added protection against kernel symbols hacking on Linux x86.
Fixed BUG on big endianess architecture machines with htons() and md5.
Fixed BUG with getopt().
Fixed BUG when program comprobes if file were symbolic link.
Internal code reestructuration.
Fixed return type of signal() for portability.
Changed way for handling errors.
Added lock file for prevent that more than one ProSum can be running at the same me.

Last updated on July 14th, 2006

#file protect #checksum files #intrusion detection #intrusion #detection #file #protection

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