OpenAntiVirus samba-vscan0.3.6b

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samba-vscan provides on-access scanning of Samba shares with ClamAV .




samba-vscan provides on-access scanning of Samba shares with ClamAV (clamd and libclamav), F-Secure AV, FRISK F-Prot Daemon, Kaspersky AntiVirus, ScannerDaemon, mks AntiVirus, NAI/McAfee VirusScan, Sophos Sweep (via Sophie), Symantec AntiVirus Engine (via ICAP), and Trend Micro (via Trophie). It supports Samba 2.2.x/3.0.x.

samba-vscan currently is made of ten Samba VFS modules:

vscan-fprotd - for use with F-Prot Daemon
vscan-icap - for use with an ICAP anti-virus service, currently only Symantec AntiVirus Engine 4.x is supported (this is alpha code and not yet for production environment!)
vscan-kavp - for use with Kaspersky AntiVirus (kavdaemon) via Kaspersky KAV client C library. vscan-kavp is a stripped-down version from vscan-kavp of Ries van Twisk). For the full-featured version please see
vscan-mks - for use with mks32 via mks_vir Daemon
vscan-oav - for use with ScannerDaemon
vscan-sophos - for use with Sophos Sweep via Sophie (
vscan-trend - for use with Trend Micro FileScanner / InterScan VirusWall via Trophie (
vscan-clamav - for use with Clam AntiVirus Daemon (clamd) or libclamav (
vscan-nai - for use with NAI/McAfee uvscan
vsan-fsav - for use with F-Secure AntiVirus (daemon)
vscan-symantec - for use with Symantec Anti Virus Engine Note: the vscan-symantec odule will statically linked against the symantec library. This lib is not covered by GPL and the resulting vscan-symantec VFS module may infringe the GPL of Samba! Due this reason, the vscan-symantec module will only be build if --with-symantec flag is used for ./configure

What's New in This Release:

NEW, VERSION, ChangeLog: updated
icap/vscan-icap.c: bugfix
Released samba-vscan 0.3.6b
Last updated on July 7th, 2006

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