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Netwatch is a Linux program created to aid in monitoring Network Connections.
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Netwatch is a Linux program created to aid in monitoring Network Connections. It is based on a program called "statnet" but has been substantially modified for its Ethernet emphasis. The project is a dynamic program which displays the Ethernet status based each the connection's activity.

It has the capability of monitoring hundreds of site statistics simultaneously. The connection's port number (Well Known Service) and destination address are available as well. There are options which allow router statistics to be measured on simple networks (with one router). External network communication is counted and transfer rates are displayed.

Here are some key features of "Netwatch":

· Reload feature for periodic saves and clears
· Routing Summaries with character graphics display
· Saves of Routing Statistics for last day of run (min. by min.)
· Freeze display (continue logging) for remote efficiency
· PPP Connectivity Monitoring
· Multiple Interface Support (1 at a time)


· 486+ Computer with 8 Meg RAM+
· LINUX (version 1.2.13 Kernel+... although Version 1.0+ should work)
· Latest Version tested on:
· Mandriva 2005LE (2.6.x Kernel)
· Ethernet Connection (Thinnet/Thicknet/Twisted Pair)
· or
· PPP connection (for Experminental Version)
· Unloaded network box (don't use on a WWW server or Heavy Compilation Box)


· As connections increase, table size increases, searching for entry takes longer, NETWATCH degrades. Table sizes for remote end can be over 2500 hosts easily.

What's New in This Release:

· bugfix for display of Packet detailed info
· advanced logging of packet information (host basis/all/loc/remote)
· simulation of netwatch using LOG file (as saved previously)
· entire packet information captured/displayed now...

last updated on:
July 16th, 2007, 21:23 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Gordon MacKay
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
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