Netfilter2html 0.9

Netfilter2html provides a script using GAWK to process netfilter logs.
Netfilter2html provides a script using GAWK to process netfilter logs.

netfilter2html is a script wrote using GAWK to process netfilter logs and generate a nice HTML output.

GAWK is faster to process text files, it can process 100.000 text lines in a few seconds.

Here are some key features of "Netfilter2html":

You can config...
TCP/UDP ports that should appear highlighted (red color);
IP's and (SRC|DST) TCP/UDP ports that should removed from the report;
Max number of records/lines per page (to avoid flooding browsers);
Name of HTML files and it extension;
Destination directory to use for HTML files, images, etc..;
Date selection by command line [--date Mar/3|--today|--yesterday].
Just records that match the selected date will used in reports;

You can see in reports...
Date (previous selected by command line);
Creation date;
Total number of log records that match the selected date;
Total number of pages;
Total number of warnings (TCP/UDP ports configured to appear highlighted);
Total number of removed records;
Log prefix, complet set of "most" important fields used in netfilter logs
and the number of hits that a same netfilter log appeared;

What's New in This Release:

english translation;
added a nice HTML layout - thanks to Gustavo Nozella;
netfilter2html.conf changed (font_color and nversion were removed) some minor changes in variable names;
some changes in netfilter2html core;
added a installer ( - install images and style file in "/usr/local/share/n2h" directory; core files are installed in correct places (see README);
netfilter2html copy all files located in "/usr/local/share/n2h" at first run to real HTML directory (defined in netfilter2html.conf);
fixed bug in use of ENV['HOSTNAME'] var on HTML links;
added GPL license file;
netfilter "ID" information is no longer used in HTML reports;
favico (favicon.ico) added;

last updated on:
April 10th, 2007, 21:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Rodrigo P .Telles
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
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