Nall 0.6

A simple, non-intrusive, everything notifier in the system tray

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What's new in Nall 0.6:

  • This version fixes a bug that caused a segfault on "rescan".
  • Other improvements include the display of a warning message dialog when no probe script is present.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Benoît Rouits
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
1 Nall Screenshot:
Nall - nall hosted by the trayer, telling i have no recent emails, that my server is alive, and that i'm listening to Richard Wagner with the famous shell-fm
Nall is a small GTK tool that discretely fits into your freedesktop system tray (such as trayer). Its purpose is to spawn periodically every kind of script and display a one-line output in the tooltip window. The main usage of nall is monitoring or just notifying of almost everything (it just depends upon your imagination and ability to script).

Why nall ? because i wanted to notify myself in a simple way some networked drives, plus check my emails and know the title of the music i was listening to on my radio. The genericity of nall allow you to use also Nagios Plugins to monitor various resources. Nall runs on any POSIX operating system, having a freedesktop aware trayer.

How to install/use it

First, install a C compiler (e.g: gcc), plus the make utility and the development files of libgtk+2.0 and libglib-2.0 provided by your distro (this will also provide the pkg-config files). Untar the archive and go to the nall-2008..../ directory. Run make. then ./nall&. For Debian based distros, this resumes to:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev
tar -xf nall-20081015.tar
cd nall-20081015
make && ./nall&

Example script

Note: nall won't run alone: you must provide it some scripts in the ~/.nall directory. A nall script must have the following naming scheme: Ntitle where N is the desired scheduling frequency in seconds (e.g: 3) and title is the title displayed on the left-side of the tooltip window (e.g: email). The response of the script may not contain any carriage return. Nall doesn't care about the script return value, only the output is scanned. Here is an example:

ls ~/.nall
10ping 5shell-fm
cat ~/.nall/
echo X login brouits XXpassXX
sleep 1
echo X select inbox
sleep 1
echo X logout
} | telnet 143 2>/dev/null | grep RECENT | tail -1

Last updated on September 19th, 2009


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