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ManageEngine VQManager is a powerful, web-based, passive QoS monitoring tool for VoIP networks.





ManageEngine VQManager is a powerful, web-based, passive QoS monitoring tool for VoIP networks. The project can monitor any device or user-agent that supports SIP (RFC 3261) and RTP / RTCP (RFC 3550).

VQManager monitors real-time VoIP QoS metrics to give instantaneous reports, self-configurable alerts & in-depth fault probing – all from a single web interface.
Real-time, 24x7 non-intrusive monitoring of various QoS metrics allows speedy identification of VoIP faults and quality deterioration.

VQManager pro-actively notifies faults by means of operator alerts, Email notifications and SNMP traps. Complete call level and end-point level 24x7 QoS analysis makes possible in-depth fault probing through call traces and call summaries.

VQManager’s support for processing Cisco (4, 4.x, 5), Swyx 6.0, Vovida Vocal, Tekelec 5.6, Shoretel 6.1 and Asterisk CDRs keeps you updated with the happenings in your VoIP network regardless of devices used. The tool’s powerful and flexible reporting generates over 30 different reports giving insight into usage trends, bandwidth utilization & capacity planning.

VQManager requires no other special hardware/software for support and its remotely accessible, user-friendly interface saves precious time & greatly improves administrator productivity.

Here are some key features of "ManageEngine VQManager":

Proactive, continuous monitoring of the QoS & Bandwidth of VoIP Network
Monitor any device or user-agent that supports SIP and RTP/RTCP
Alarm generation based on incomplete calls, answer delay, voice bandwidth usage and other metrics
Pictorial representation of call flow plotting all SIP requests from call start to end
Real-time monitoring and trend analysis for troubleshooting
Importing call information using CDR files such as FTP access or uploaded via HTTP
Bandwidth usage graph with split up between voice and non-voice data
Filtering criteria to capture or monitor call traffic from specific IP addresses
Information on 'what is going on' in VoIP network and 'how it performs' are presented in the form of comprehensive, intuitive and informative reports


Pentium 1Ghz and above
512 MB RAM

What's New in This Release:

Cisco Skinny support
Customized scheduled reporting
Raw SIP and Skinny packet display
Live monitoring focus
Last updated on September 29th, 2007
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