KontrolPack 3.0.0

KontrolPack is an efficient, cross-platform remote shell command executor.

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What's new in KontrolPack 3.0.0 RC2:

  • This release brings a lot of fixed bugs gathered from end users and beta testers.
  • Stability and scalability present.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
KontrolPack is an efficient, cross-platform remote shell command executor. It was created to improve system interoperability connecting remote computers (independently of operating systems running) and executing shell command across networks.


For many years, a war has been growing between different operating systems, the main ones being the GNU/Linux distributions, MS Windows and OS X. In each camp, everyone is convinced of the superiority of their primary operating system, and they often publicly criticize concurrent operating systems.

KontrolPack's goal is not to choose a specific camp. Instead, its purpose is to allow specific operating systems to work with each other. The main functionality of this software is to provide an adaptable user interface that interacts directly with kernels of all the major operating systems by sending appropriate shell commands remotely.

Here is an example: you can, from a GNU/Linux distribution, send the order to a hundred computers running MS Windows to restart or to defrag their root partition. . You can also get IP addresses and routing tables of a bunch of computers in order to manage an area network. Also, if single commands are not enough, it is possible to execute batch files and scripts simultaneously throughout the network.

The potential of KontrolPack knows no limit, and because the shell commands for each operating system are constantly evolving the capabilities are endless.

Last updated on September 30th, 2010


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