KLCMonitorApplet 2.0.6

KLCMonitorApplet provides a LineControl monitoring applet for Kicker.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Peter Simonsson
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
KLCMonitorApplet provides a LineControl monitoring applet for Kicker.

KLCMonitorApplet is KDE applet that monitors a LineControl server, a program that controls your Internet connection.

Why did we code LineControl?
We were tired of using telnet to get a masquerading server's internet connection up and down. Furthermore you get clean statistics and you have better control over the line when you're not alone.
User accounting and the possibility to choose one from multiple lines/providers are two of the features that help to have an easy control over your connections.

What does LineControl do?
LineControl runs a server application on a masquerading - server (Linux). Clients on other hosts may now talk to this server and say that it should establish a certain line (usually using pppd/chat, isdnctrl or some other script). LineControl Server then calls a certain shellscript and waits until a specified network - device is up (for analog lines), until /dev/isdninfo changes its status (if using the ISDN capabilities) or until a certain file exists. Then it sends to all connected Clients a message that the connection is established.

The connection won't get killed until each client told to do so, had a timeout or has been terminated.

Here are some key features of "KLCMonitorApplet":

user accounting using Linux-PAM or passwd/shadow file
controlling multiple lines
throughput measuring
logging & analizing (view example)
logging to a MySQL database (view example)
html formatted status report via webserver (view example)
different line types (analog, isdn, adsl, ... it should be possible to run LC with any line!)
pinger (to avoid line-drops)
reporting data (time, nr, ...) about incoming isdn calls to the clients (inclusive addressbook lookup)
client dependant modifications of the NAT servers firewall (using an external script whenever a client goes on- or offline)

Package description
linesrv The one and only LineControl Server. You certainly need it. Of course it runs only under linux.

wlc2 The standard client for Windows. Try the dynamic version. The chance that it runs on your system is quite small. If it doesn't work, then take the static version which includes some borland libraries. Functionality is all the same (including features and bugs).

klcc The one and only client for Linux KDE. High quality, KDE users will like the smooth integration into their desktop.

jlc A client written in Java. It hasn't many features yet but provides an application as well as an applet.

xlc A client for linux X11 using the Gimp Toolkit (gtk).
The gui is quite clobby but shows all lines and their statistics at the same time in a list. It includes xlcm, which consists only of the minidisplay from xlc.

lclog-mysql Some php scripts which generate nice statistics from a linesrv mysql log database if used together with a webserver such as apache.

lclog2mysql Helps converting a 2.1.x linesrv logfile to a mysql log. You still have to manually create the needed database and tables!



Last updated on April 25th, 2007

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