Gr_Monitor 0.81

Gr_Monitor displays a series of datasets as animated 3D bar charts.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
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Gr_Monitor project displays a series of datasets as animated 3D bar charts. The latest version of Gr_monitor uses XML as for the gather-view interface. SGI IRIX support has been dropped - I no longer have easy access to an SGI box (donations welcome).

By default gr_monitor displays information about processes resident on a UNIX system. For each process it displays a 3D bar graph of CPU consumed, memory consumed, resident set size, and elapsed time. The processes are grouped by username. Each username grouping sits on its own little plinth.

There are controls for translating, rotating, scaling, lighting and fog effects. Gr_monitor receives info via an input stream and displays it in a X11 Mesa or X11 OpenGL window. The input is expected to be an XML document with a DTD that defines the data to be plotted.

Gr_gather is a default implementation of a data gatherer. It obtains data from the Linux process file system and reformats it as a suitable XML document. If you wish to record data for later playback, you can run a gather process stand alone and redirect its output to a file.

Last updated on June 27th, 2007

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