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GLBOX software is a a lightweight version of a sandbox.




GLBOX software is a a lightweight version of a sandbox. It monitors execution of any program, regardless of the programing language it has been written in, or the accessibility to source code.

Since all processes access operating system resources via system calls, controlling those calls is the most general way to monitor a program’s behavior.

Therefore we monitor the syscall that a process uses and we display a message to inform the administrator.

Here are some key features of "GLBOX":

· Multiple and single traces. GLBOX will allow tracing individual processes, specifying the process id on the GLBOX command line, or trace all the processes belonging to the user.
· Trace output. All tracee system calls will be controlled by GLBOX, which will display a text message each time the tracee executes a system call, and display an histogram of the sequence calls issued during the tracee execution. The trace must be redirectable to disk for offline analysis.
· Policy-based flagging. GLBOX will support a list of forbidden system calls, which will be stored in a text file called a “policy”. Whenever a system call is made which is listed in the policy, GLASSBOX will generate a special alert message.
· Statistics. GLBOX will show also some statistics about the syscalls done during the last execution.
· Send email to the admin. GLBOX will allow the administrator to specify an email address where to send an email when a blacklistd syscall is used.

What's New in This Release:

· I have fixed some bugs
· I have modified the color scheme
· I have restricted the usage of this tool only to non-privileged users
Last updated on July 13th, 2007

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