FK 0.6.7

fk is a free software replacement for the TIS fwtk.
fk is a free software replacement for the TIS fwtk. A while ago, I decided that the world needed a free software proxy firewall kit, as I was unhappy with the TIS fwtk. Nobody else appeared to be actively working on one (perhaps I didn't look hard enough), so I decided to have a wee go. Ian Lynagh was hacking on this task with me, but seems to have disappeared.

The proxies are designed for fixed destinations, or for use as transparent proxies - thus far, there is no support for proxy authentication of any kind.

Here are some key features of "FK":

· a simple TCP plug,
· a POP-3 gateway,
· a lightweight rfc1413 (ident) server,
· an ftp gateway,
· a (functional but incomplete) SMTP proxy
· a simple HTTP server
· a really simple HTTP proxy
· a userspace ping server
· a fair bit of code which makes writing more proxies fairly easy,
· some log file monitoring tools, and
· a (rather nice, IMHO) network/host ACL facility like netacl or tcpd

What's New in This Release:

· new documentation:
· + status document (doc/HONESTY)
· + configuration guide (doc/CONFIGURATION)
· userspace ping server (will need probably portability fixes to work anywhere but Linux)
· HTTP proxy improvements:
· + understands "GET http://etc" proxy syntax
· + understands HEAD and POST
· + keepalives seem to work, max requests configurable
· "--wait" option added. Significant performance improvements where used (httpd went from 100 to 340 rps in simple testing)
· fix stupid httpd segfault introduced in 0.6.6
· timeout code fixed
· Update IDSA support (patches from
· + now requires idsa-0.91.0 or later
· Fix QUIT bug in pop-3 proxy

last updated on:
July 11th, 2006, 2:05 GMT
developed by:
Matthew, Ian Lynagh
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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