CheckMySAP 1.1.1

A Hobbit extension to monitor remote SAP R3, BW, Solution Manager services
CheckMySAP is an efficient and simple Hobbit extension to monitor remote SAP services (SAP R/3, BW - BI, Solution Manager) on your network. Using 3 SAP binaries (lgtst, rfcping and startrfc), it checks the availability of your SAP systems via remote RFC command. It has been written in bash and could be setup in less then 5min.


  1/ Get binary from SAP : checkmySAP needs 3 binaries from SAP.
     We are looking for 'lgtst', 'rfcping' and 'startrfc' (should be in '/usr/sap/SID/FOOBAR/exe/')
     Find them on your SAP server and put it in '${BBHOME}/ext/checkmySAP/bin/'
     Make them executable (chmod) and owned by the Hobbit user (chown)
  2/ Those binaries needs 3 extra libraries also in '/usr/sap/SID/FOOBAR/exe/' :
     And put them is '${BBHOME}/ext/checkmySAP/lib/'
  3/ In your 'hobbitlaunch.cfg' : add those lines
            ENVFILE /PATH/TO/HOBBIT/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
            NEEDS hobbitd
            CMD $BBHOME/ext/checkmySAP/
            LOGFILE $BBSERVERLOGS/checkmySAP.log
            INTERVAL 5m
  4/ Edit the configuration file '${BBHOME}/ext/checkmySAP/checkmySAP.ini' according to
     your needs. There are extra information on the header of 'checkmySAP.ini'.
     Example :
        ## Options for the rfcping command ##
        # fonction,machine,r3name,mshost,user,passwd,client,group

        ## Options for the lgtst command ##
        # fonction,machine,name,mshost,msserv

        ## Options for the startrfc command ##
        # fonction,machine,CI Host,SID,Logon group,username,password,client,language,number of machine in the logon group
  5/ Edit your '${BBHOME}/etc/bb-hosts' and add the keyword 'SAP' on host you want to monitor
     The host must have the same name in the 'checkmySAP.ini' & 'bb-hosts'  sapserver01   # conn ssh SAP    NAME:"SAP Server 01"
  6/ Et voilà, the 'SAP' icon should appear in less then 5min.

last updated on:
April 5th, 2012, 6:01 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ System \ Monitoring
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