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Argus Monitoring System software is a system and network monitoring application.





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Argus Monitoring System software is a system and network monitoring application.

It will monitor nearly anything you ask it to monitor (TCP + UDP applications, IP connectivity, SNMP OIDS, Programs, Databases, etc).

It presents a nice clean, easy to view web interface that will keep both the managers happy (Red Bad. Green Good.) and the techs happy ("Ah! that's what the problem is").

It can send alerts numerous ways (such as via pager) and can automatically escalate if someone falls asleep.

Here are some key features of "Argus Monitoring System":

· It is open-source available at no charge.
· It has a clean and intuitive web interface.
· The web pages can easily be understood by non-technical people.
· It can generate graphs of what is going on.
· It can monitor network connectivity (Ping test)
· It can monitor TCP/UDP ports
· It can monitor a wide variety of TCP/UDP applications (HTTP, SMTP, RADIUS, ...)
· It can monitor the output or exit code of a program (Program test)
· It can monitor the content of a web page (such as a shopping cart application)
· It can monitor the authoritativeness of a nameserver
· It can monitor SNMP OIDs (such as BGP status, UPS voltage, room temperature, ...)
· It can monitor the results of SQL queries
· It can monitor itself.
· It can be extended to monitor things that the author didn't think of
· It can notify someone (or many people) when something happens
· It can escalate, and notify someone else, if things don't get fixed.
· It can not alarm for known downtime (maintenance overrides)
· It will summarize and rate-limit multiple notifications to prevent paging-floods.
· It keeps historical statistics, for analysis or SLA verification.
· It scales well and can monitor many, many things.
· It can restrict users to viewing only certain items (user "views")
· It can restrict users access to certain features (access control)
· It can support IPv6.
· It can support SNMPv3.
· It can support l10n for your native language.
· It can support redundant multi-server configurations.

What's New in This Release:

· This release offers improved performance and scalability, adds support for additional tests, and adds support for failover and redundancy.
Last updated on February 18th, 2013
Argus Monitoring SystemArgus Monitoring SystemArgus Monitoring System

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