Alerttail 0.3.0

Alerttail executes actions when "some text" has been written to a file.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Alerttail project executes actions when "some text" has been written to a file.

This software tails a file and when a line matches some text pattern alerttail will execute a list of actions defined on it's own configuration file.

Imagine you want to be warned when some text is written to a log file, you could just configure alerttail asking it to notify you with a gtk notify popup.

For example when i start my proftpd server for desktop file sharing i would like to monitor when somebody logs in and downloads a file. To know that i would configure alerttail to analyse /var/log/proftpd/proftpd.log and /var/log/proftpd/xferlog.

Or if i would like to know when somebody execute a "su" command i will configure alerttail to listen to /var/log/auth.log.

Same thing for samba access, kernel , mail, gaim events or any other log file event.

Another interesting scenario is iptables monitoring. If we want to know if a remote host try to direct connect to our box we will ask alerttail to monitor /var/log/messages and alert us with a notify popup with a link to googleMaps for GeoIp Localization.

How does it works:

Alerttail is configured via config files.
Each file will define tail match policies.
When it tails a file, each line is parsed by a regular expression agent that will determine if that text line matches a provided text pattern. If it does, it will execute several actions defined by the user.

Each tailed file can have one or more regex parsers and each of those parsers will trigger one or more actions.

Actions can be alerttail built in actions (GTK notify action , geoipLocalization action, filtering text action) or a custom user defined shell command action.

Alerttail has been developed in C++ for linux platform.


· GTK+ version 2.0.x
· boost 1_33_1
· log4cxx
· libnotify

What's New in This Release:

· Command action now has an optional placeholder to be passed into a shell command (USD text)
· Greped Text can now be indipendent between different parsers.
· GeoIp Action supports optional placeholders such as USD country USD town USD latitude USD longitude to be replaced during execution.

Last updated on December 11th, 2007

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