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Vee is a command-line blog tool that is very portable across Unix systems.
Vee is a command-line blog tool that is very portable across Unix systems. The software provides an interactive as well as a batch interface to maintain a log of entries. Formatting is done using a module architecture that allows a high degree of customization. There are minimal flags and no set up is required.

It can be used in a batch setting, such as a cron job, which is really neat. An example that I set up can be seen in action.

Basic Usage:

Note: one needs not configure anything to start using vee "out of the box".

vee [-t "title"] [-m "msg.."] [-f [groff | fold | none | yourcustom]] [-I|-i "customindex.html"] [-d "/pub/dir"]

Usage Examples:

Full entry via commandline:

vee -t "title" -m "very short msg"

Full entry via $EDITOR:

vee -t "title text" # opens to $EDITOR

Fully non-interactive entry:

/path/to/xyz 2>&1 | /usr/local/bin/vee -d /usr/local/www/data/mirrors/log -b -I -t "XYZ Output" -f none

Edit and reformat last entry:

vee -rl

Reformat all:

vee -R -f [groff | fold | none | yourcustom]

-b batch mode; used when piping in msg via stdin
-B file define bottom template; default is ./vee-bottom.tpl
-c [1-9d*] specify the number of characters 'fold' allows per line
this only applies when 'fold' (-f) is used
-d 'publis_dir' specify the directory .vee is in - defaults to PWD
-f 'format' use defined format instead of the default, groff;
'groff', 'fold', and 'none' are supported out of the box
-h prints this blurb
-i 'custom.html' specify a custom index file over the default
-I force index file to be "index.html"
-l edit latest post's *.raw; used with '-r' publishes changes;
calls reformat automatically;
-L [1-9d*] edit the Nth latest, relative to last post; lp starts at 1
-m 'message ...' specify entry message at commandline and avoid vi
-n lists all entries, newest first, then quits
-o lists all entries, oldest first, then quits
-p see what *raw files don't have an entry in the INDEX
-P forever deletes all *raw and formatted files associated with
posts that are listed with -p;
-r [1-9d*] reformats the Nth latest post
-R reformats _all_ .vee/*.raw files; -c applies as well
-s summary placed below title in INDEX
-t 'title' specify title at commandline and avoid annoying default prompt
-T file define top template; default is ./vee-top.tpl
-v version and exit
-x filter defines filter if not using default ./vee-pre; filter
must be executable, i.e., chmod 755 vee-pre

last updated on:
September 27th, 2007, 8:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
B. Estrade
ROOT \ System \ Logging
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