ProM Import Framework

6.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
3.2/5 21
Allows you to extract process enactment event logs from a set of information systems.





ProM Import Framework project allows you to extract process enactment event logs from a set of information systems.

These can be exported in the MXML format, which is the standard event log data format for Process Mining analysis techniques.

Process Mining is a family of a-posteriori analysis techniques to extract abstract information from process enactment logs. More in-depth information about the are of process mining is available at


- Decompress and extract the provided *.tar.gz archive.
- This will create a folder 'ProMimport', containing all files necessary.
- Start the application by running the provided shell script ''.
- The import filter plugins delivered with your installation package are located in the 'Plugins' folder inside the 'ProMimport' directory.
- Load the plugins (which are packaged in *.jar files) that you want to use from within the running app. For that, use 'Load filter plugin..' from the 'Filters' menu.
- 3rd party plugins, or plugins developed by you, can be added to the application in exactly the same manner.
- Once imported, filters are automatically added to the application's filter cache, and zre re-loaded on every successive startup. Further, all filter and application configuration data is transparently made persistent by the application.
- Thus, after importing all filter plugins necessary, you can safely delete the 'Plugins' folder.
Last updated on February 26th, 2009

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