ProM 4.0

ProM is a new era in process mining tool support.

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Common Public License 
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Process Mining Group
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ProM is a new era in process mining tool support.

Process Mining research is concerned with the extraction of knowledge about a (business) process from its process execution logs. Process Mining strives to gain insight into various perspectives, such as the process (or control flow) perspective, the performance, data, and organizational perspective (The web site has more in-depth information and scientific publications available).

ProM is an extensible framework that supports a wide variety of process mining techniques in the form of plug-ins. It is platform independent as it is implemented in Java, and can be downloaded free of charge. We welcome and support practical applications of ProM! Note that the ProM framework is issued under an open source license, namely the Common Public License (CPL), and we invite researchers and developers to contribute in the form of new plug-ins.

Currently, there are already more than 90 plug-ins available, and we support the import of (and the conversion between) several process modelling languages, such as:

Petri nets (PNML, TPN)
EPCs / EPKs (Aris graph format, EPML)
(and many more)

There are mining plugins, such as:

Plugins supporting control-flow mining techniques (such as the Alpha algorithm, Genetic mining, Multi-phase mining, ...)
Plugins analysing the organizational perspective (such as the Social Network miner, the Staff Assignment miner, ...)
Plugins dealing with the data perspective (such as the Decision miner, ...)
(and many more)

Furthermore, there are analysis plugins dealing with:

The verification of process models (e.g., Woflan analysis)
Verification of Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) formulas on a log
Checking the conformance between a given process model and a log
Performance analysis (Basic statistical analysis, and Performance Analysis with a given process model)
Finally, ProM sports a large array of log filters, which are a valuable tool for cleaning logs from undesired, or unimportant, artefacts.

What's New in This Release:

This release features fundamental framework improvements and the addition of a major set of new plugins.
The performance of log reading has been improved dramatically, introducing live modification of logs and random access.
More than 70 newly added plugins substantially extend the analysis feature set.

Last updated on November 30th, 2006

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