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A program for managing checklists of daily, weekly, or monthly tasks




CheckList is a program for managing checklists of daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.

The project lets you quickly enter information, check what has been done, and find old information.

This application helps structure and log daily checklist operations. Every job where you'll have to check stuff on a daily, weekly or monthly bases can benefit from the use of this little program. It automatically builds up a history that can be a nice to have on occasions where you just know you have fixed something before. It's GUI is very rudimentary. Just quick operation and hopefully an easy to read display of information is all that was required when I wrote this. This thing is in heavy use at a site I can tell no more about, but it is rewarding for me to know if it also helps you. Please let me know.


Step 1: Copy all files somewhere in the tree of your webserver.

Step 2: Edit the file settings.php and tune towards your situation.

Step 3: make the database:

$ mysql
> create database checklist;
> grant all on checklist.* to 'checklist'@'hostname' identified by 'password';
> flush privileges;
> quit
load the file mysql.dump to the database as follows:
$ mysql -u checklist -p -h hostname checklist < mysql.dump
if you like you can load some demo data to get you going quickly do the following
$ bash ./ | mysql -u checklist -p -h hostname checklist

Step 4: Goto the url of your choice and first click 'admin' and make your own checklist and disable the demo checklist entries.
Last updated on October 1st, 2007

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