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This project provides a Bluetooth scanner and logger for your Linux operating system

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Bluelog is an open source and completely free website survey software that makes use of the Bluetooth technology to display how many discoverable devices exists in an area. The logging component of Bluelog is very customizable and features several useful options.

Designed with efficiency and portability in mind

The software has been designed from the ground up with efficiency and portability in mind, which makes it run on a system for long periods of time. It is a command-line software that

The application should work well with all the USB Bluetooth device that are supported by your GNU/Linux operating system. It was tested with various Dell laptops, some DealExtreme adapters, and high-end devices, such as the AIRcable Host XR.

Offers a wide range of powerful command-line options

A wide range of command-line options are available for the Bluelog software. They are split in three categories (Basic Options, Logging Options, Advanced Options) and can be viewed at a glance, along with the usage message, by running the ‘./bluelog --help’ command in a terminal emulator application.

Among these, we can mention support for setting the scanning device (defaults to hci0), support for setting the output filename (defaults to devices.log), verbose mode, quite mode, daemon mode, support for terminating a running Bluelog process, and support for starting “Bluelog Live”.

Features several advanced options and many logging options

As mentioned, the software also offers several advanced options, among which we can mention the ability to name resolution retries, to activate the scanning window for a specific period of time, to run Bluelog in Syslog only mode, as well as to make the program forget a device after a given time.

Many logging options are also available. Among the most important ones, we can mention support for writing device names, class and manufacturer to a log file, support for using friendly device class, support for the BlueProPro log format, and support for encoding discovered MACs with CRC32.

Bluelog was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on February 3rd, 2015
Bluelog - Usage example of Bluelog from the command-lineBluelog - A simple scan with the default options

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