Activity Log Manager

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Activity Log Manager is an open source and free graphical software written in Vala and designed to act as a front-end for Zeitgeist, a privacy manager tool.

Activity Log Manager lets users effortlessly control what gets logged by Zeitgeist. It is capable of setting up blacklists, according to several criteria, such as file types or application, deleting recent events, as well as temporarily stop all logging.

Activity Log Manager is also known 'history-manager' between Zeitgeist aficionados. The project is distributed as a source archive, as part of the Zeitgeist Project.
Last updated on September 28th, 2013
Activity Log Manager - The History tab, where users can set the deletion time for recent activitiesActivity Log Manager - The Applications tab, where users can add or remove applications that will not be monitoredActivity Log Manager - The Files tab, where users can prevent logging for specific file types

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This project provides an Open Source privacy manager GUI application for Zeitgeist


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