paella 0.8.0

paella is a program to aid in installing and configuring a Debian system.

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ROOT \ System \ Installer/Setup
Paella is an installation and configuration management system designed to define, configure, maintain and update systems and networks.


python 2.3

The paella database has two basic objects profiles and traits

a trait is a collection of packages, templates, and an environment
a trait can have parents (dependencies)
a trait environment is a collection of name, value pairs for that trait, and its parents.

Each package in a template has a action to be performed on it. The action is generally install (but remove is also supported). The templates are like templated conffiles with tags that are
subsituted with the environment.


You need to be running woody on a server for nfs and postgres.The newer postgres
checks for constraints before table drops,and the code doen't reflect that yet. The sid and sarge nfs serverslock up and require restarting more than the woody (don't know why yet).You may also need apache running on a server. (I find that the umlinstalls are slightly easier with http:, than file: for apt).You also need a sid workstation to do the development on.a lot of the paths and names are in the paellarc file if its hardcoded elsewhere its a bug

On the nfs server: /etc/exports -- /mirrors/debian workstation(rw) --
for updating the mirror
/mirrors/debian *(ro)
/mirrors/backups *(rw,no_root_squash)
for tarring / in uml

On the postgres server:
the dbname is is the config file and can be different same for the database users

edit /etc/postgresql/pg_hbs.conf
sudo -u postgres createuser -A -D $USER
sudo -u postgres createuser -A -D installer
sudo -u postgres createdb paella

On the sid workstation:
You need the depends in the debian/control file for all of the packages.
The uml code is currently set to look at your local python path,so you can work from the cvs workspace, so package installation is not necessary.
If you want to install the packages the pythonpath inpaellarc will override the installed path when booting the uml objects.

Workspace is not in config except possibly in the defaults section

mkdir ~/workspace
cd ~/workspace
cvs co paella
export PYTHONPATH=/full/path/to/workspace/paella/src
cd paella; fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage ; sudo debi

cd ~/workspace/paella

What's New in This Release:

Many bugfixes for the machine installer.

Last updated on May 29th, 2009

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