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This is small wrapper for apt-cache search and apt-get install which uses iselect to search and install packages. If you have wml installed, you know (and like) iselect :-).

Special care has been taken to make this tool easy and fast to use (several times faster than aptitude for this task). Because of that design decision you can:

install package with just 3 presses of enter
search again if your initial search returned too little or too much results
easily browse through found packages

It will also automatically use sudo if it's installed. If not, it will ask for root password and use su. It will also automatically install iselect if it's not already installed.

It's written to be secure (using mktemp to create files) and nice to your system (it catches signals and clean up after itself).


Number of search results is limited to 1020. That's because iselect has limit of 1024 lines, and I use 4 lines for new search and spacing.


Type in your command prompt:

dpavlin@llin:~$ apt-iselect tetris
Using sudo, please enter your password:
Searching apt-cache for "tetris"...

What's New in This Release:

fixed multi-word search
Last updated on April 7th, 2005

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apt-iselect is an interactive wrapper for apt-cache search and apt-get install.


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