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Sisopen is a tool to list and extract the content of SIS files.




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Sisopen is a tool to list and extract the content of SIS files. SIS files are installation files used in Symbian-based smartphones like many S60 Nokia phones.

Sisopen is an ANSI-C program, mainly targetted to Linux and other Unix-like systems it can be compiled almost in every system with a C compiler having zlib.

Defining NOZLIB at compile time makes you able to compile without zlib, but only file listing is available in this mode, files can't be extracted.


First example, list the content of a .sis file

$ sisopen sis/torch.sis

sis/torch.sis: SIS header detected

application UID: 0x78F172C
application version: 1.20


UK English

000 !:systemappsTorchTorch.aif 1941
001 !:systemappsTorchTorch_caption.rsc 32
002 !:systemappsTorchTorch.rsc 70
003 ! 5548

A more interesting example showing the ability of sisopen to fully understand SIS files including conditionals:

$ sisopen sis/Nokia_N70_patch.SIS

sis/Nokia_N70_patch.SIS: SIS header detected

application UID: 0x20000BB0
application version: 1.00


UK English

001 f C:DOCUME~1m1smithLOCALS~1TempMKS0WrongDevice0.txt 122
003 f C:DOCUME~1m1smithLOCALS~1TempMKS0Finished0.txt 254
004 c C:systemtempNokiaN70Patch1.exe 1552
005 f C:DOCUME~1m1smithLOCALS~1TempMKS0Distribution0.txt 288
[if (0x10200f9a == MachineUID)]

SIS file conditionals must be read upside down, starting from the bottom of the output. This is a patch for the N70 smartphone so the conditional is if MachineUID == 0x... (the N70 UID) install the files, else show a Wrong Device message.

Here are some key features of "Sisopen":

list SIS file content, including conditionals, file type, installation time options
extract files (try -x)
the verbose mode gives a lot more information about the sis header and individual files (try -v)


sisopen filename.sis (in order to list .sis file content)

sisopen -x filename.sis (extract files)

sisopen -v filename.sis (show a lot of information about the sis file)

sisopen -h (show a little help page)

It is possible to pass more than one file name to sisopen. Every file is processed in the order they are given. Options don't require to be passed in a specific position so

sisopen -x filename.sis

is equivalent to

sisopen filename.sis -x
Last updated on December 8th, 2006

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