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RUNZ Framework
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RUNZ (formerly: SRUN) is a "pseudo-new" way to run (and install) software on Linux (only Debian, Ubuntu and Super OS supported at the moment, but I plan to support as many Linux distros as possible).

Think of RUNZ as a something similar to windows .exe files. (maybe even more similar to .dmg files for the Mac) - The RUNZ framework should be included in the next version of Super OS (SP1).

Main features:

  • Easy way to run apps (just double-click on them!)
  • works on GNOME, KDE, and most recent Linux distros
  • .runz files behave in a smiliar way to other executable files (ELF, bash scripts, etc...): They can be launched from the command line ( chmod +x file.runz ./file.runz ), theySome .runz files have support for something called "runz sandbox". This pseudo-sandbox is the location where the file will save it's settings instead of saving to the usual "home dir". If a file has support for "runz sandbox", to enable that you just have to create a folder called "runz" in the same folder where your .runz file is (see image). can be launched with App Runner (even has root), they work on terminals with no GUI, they accept SOME parameters (only parameters that do not rely on relative locations work! parameters like ./ or . or .. don't work! You must use the full paths!)
  • Works for all users, even if they don't have root powers: no need to know the root password or use "sudo" to run .runz files.
  • Safe: All files ask if the users really wants to launch the file, also, everything runs as a regular user (non-root), making it safer
  • Support for Portable Apps: just create a folder named "runz" in the same location of your .runz file (see images bellow) , and if your .runz file is a portable app, it will save all it's settings to the "runz" folder
  • Easy way to install Super-Debs

last updated on:
July 13th, 2009, 14:57 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ System \ Installer/Setup
RUNZ Framework
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3 Screenshots
RUNZ FrameworkRUNZ Framework
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