GETD 0.2

GETD it's easy handling and managing of USB storage disks.

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Free for non-commercial use
3.4/5 14
ROOT \ System \ Installer/Setup
Getd is a Linux Gtk2 app for usb storage disk easy managing.

It will automatically mount to proper place and perform requested operations - e.i. executing a command script like synch file between disk and hdd or dump pictures from a camera - by it's own. ... and it support crypted disk.

Getd rely on kernel and regular external app. It doesn't 'play' at all with device or hardware....


Gtk2 >= 2.0
Orbit2 >= 0.5.3
Xml2 >= 2.0
Gconf2 >= 2.0
glibc >= 2.3.2
util-linux >=2.11r ( patched for cryto support )
dosfstools >= 2.10 ( vfat support )
2efsprogs >=1.29 ( ext2/ext3 support )

What's New in This Release:

added fsck check before mounting ( ext2/ext3 ) BETA
now on startup detect when device is already mounter
removed close bp : useless : use window widget
added some support for Usb HDD
add new variable GETD_MAIN_DEV for script ex: GETD_DEV=/dev/sda1 GETD_MAIN_DEV=/dev/sda
added a refresh button : mount media without unplugging them ( hdd )
bug correction : added scrollbar for script text window
added lock file, prevent multiple instance
on startup check if all external app are installed...
bug correct : don't execute the umount script twice anymore
added the 'admin' page : force checking/repairing for ext2/ext3 and vfat

Last updated on April 7th, 2005

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