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The Open Source Intel graphics video driver for all Linux-based operating systems

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xf86-video-intel is an open source and freely distributed 2D accelerated graphics driver specifically designed for the X Window System (X11) implemented by the X.Org project on any Linux and UNIX operating system.

Supports a wide variety of graphics chipsets

It supports a wide range of Intel graphics chipsets, including i810 (i810-dc100, i810e), i815, 845G, i830M, 855GM, 852GM, 865G, 915 G and GM, 945 G, GM and GME, 946GZ, GME/G/GM/Q965, G/Q35, G/Q33, G41, GM/G/Q45, and G/Q43.

In addition, it also supports the PineView-M chipset implemented in the Intel Atom N400 series CPUs, as well as the PineView-D chipset used in Intel Atom D400 and D500 series processors, found on various Atom-based netbook computers.

Getting started with xf86-video-intel

The driver is distributed only as a source archive, allowing advanced users to configure, compile and install it on any Linux-based operating system. However, novices can install it directly from the default software channels of their distribution.

Another easy way to install the latest stable version of this video driver is to use the native graphical installer application provided by Intel under the name of Intel Graphics Installer, which can be downloaded from Softpedia at http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Hardware/Intel-Linux-Graphics-Installer-97548.shtml.

Supports Wayland

Recent versions of this driver for Intel GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) has been engineered to support the modern Wayland display server that will replace the old X.Org Server component found on many popular Linux OSes.

All in all, this open source Intel video driver is created by the X.Org project, complies with the freedesktop.org specification, and can be installed on any Linux and UNIX-like distribution if the hardware is supported.

Also part of this project, the developer provide the Mesa 3D graphics library, as well as the LibDRM cross-driver middleware, which allows user-space apps to communicate with the Linux kernel.

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Last updated on December 21st, 2014
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