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pcmciautils is a suite of userspace tools for PCMCIA support in the Linux 2.6 kernel.




pcmciautils are the core of the 2.6 PCMCIA subsystem is undergoing gradual evolution to improve its integration with the Linux kernel. This involves a series of clean-ups, code re-organisations, and even some rewrites of parts of the existing subsystem.

Unfortunately, mistakes do creep in from time to time, and this page attempts to detail these, hopefully with either fixes or details describing what information is required to help track down the cause.

I intend to document known problems with the core Linux 2.6 PCMCIA subsystem here, though I'm not tracking PCMCIA card driver problems. These are the responsibility of the individual driver maintainers.

There is also the 2.6 kernel bugzilla, which can be used for core PCMCIA bug reports (ie, socket driver bug reports, core pcmcia subsystem bug reports, and the like.) However, please do not enter PCMCIA card driver bugs under the "PCMCIA" category - they come my way; I don't have any real interest in sorting these out. These should be posted to the mailing list (see below.)

What's New in This Release:

This release contains a bugfix for modern udev releases, udev rules improvements, and documentation updates.
Last updated on July 14th, 2008

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