mxk 1.4

mxk is a reasonably sophisticated input rewriting server.

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GPL v3 
3.0/5 18
ROOT \ System \ Hardware
mxk is a reasonably sophisticated input rewriting server. The project picks up where conventional keyboard mappings reach their limits.

mxk has been used to generate:

A chording Braille input system from a conventional keyboard. The system uses the S D F J K L keys of a normal keyboard
A quick Dvorak to Querty switcher. The switch can be performed with a single keystroke, and works at the X login prompt, in an X session or in the text console
A macro recorder. Function keys can be used to record macros on the fly
A keypad mouse. The keypad is programmed to function as a mouse with scrollwheel
A joystick to mouse mapping. Extra buttons are mapped to common browser shortcuts, making it possible to browse the web with a joystick
A mouse to arrow mapper. Mouse movements are translated to arrow keypresses

mxk uses the linux evdev/uinput infrastructure. This means that mxk runs entirely in userspace, it doesn't require a special kernel driver or patch.

What's New in This Release:

Problematic interferences with sessions of other scripts were fixed.
Date format issues were fixed.
The default order was changed to descending in the user appointment list. Misalignments in the admin area were fixed.
Appointment fields that were incorrectly empty if an appointment is being rescheduled were fixed.
The display of temporary appointments was fixed.

Last updated on June 20th, 2008

#input rewriting #keyboard mapping #Braille input #input #rewriting #server #keyboard

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