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ipodedit is a command line program for editing resources in the iPod firmware.




ipodedit is a command line program for editing resources in the iPod firmware. It was originally inspired by the iPodWizard program.

Brief comparison of ipodedit and iPodWizard:

iPodWizard changes the updater instead of changing the firmware on the device itself. There should not be an issue of figuring out the right firmware to change with ipodedit as you can change the iPod directly. Also, to avoid a complete restore and wipe of the iPod when using the updater, it is required to edit the Sysinfo file to fake the installer to think it is at an older version. This gets tiring to do.
ipodedit dumps many more resources and allows for much easier string editing than iPodWizard. However, ipodedit doesn't deal with fonts in an easy manner yet.
Resources sizes (e.g. graphics and text) can be changed drastically in ipodedit and not in iPodWizard.
iPodWizard is a GUI, ipodedit is a command line program. There are GUIs on top of ipodedit available.
iPodWizard is Windows only. Even with the recent release of its source code, its use of Windows API makes it difficult to port to other systems. ipodedit should compile and run on a variety of systems (including Linux, OS X, the iPod itself, and Windows).

Developer comments

Warning: use this at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything whatsoever. This program is not for those who shudder at using the command line. If you cannot compile this program yourself, then you probably should not be using this!
Last updated on May 26th, 2008

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