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A management framework for rackspace, IP addresses, servers and more!





RackTables is a robust and nifty datacenter asset management solution.


- Unpack the tarball and make it web-accessible, e.g. yourcompany.com/racktables or racktables.mysite.org.
- Create a MySQL database and grant some user permissions for it.
- Go into 'inc' directory, copy secret-sample.php to secret.php and modify accordingly.
- Modify inc/config.php, if necessary.
- Edit init-auth.sql and change admin password
- Edit $enterprise in inc/config.php.
- Initialize the database:

mysql> use database_name;
mysql> source init-structure.sql
mysql> source init-auth.sql
mysql> source init-dictbase.sql
mysql> source init-dictvendors.sql

Remove init-auth.sql
Last updated on July 20th, 2015
RackTables - With RackTables you can get a list of all your hardware, asset numbers and barcodes it has, assign tags to the devices and fetch them at any time based on various filtering rules.RackTables - You can organize your hardware in racks of various properties, group racks in rack rows, check free space and mark unusable units.RackTables - No more lost IP addresses and pinging the networks through to find a free one. Document your address range usage, assign addresses to device and you will always remember who and why is using that address.RackTables - Organize and label anything you want with flexible tagging mechanism, so when you want to find, let's say everything that relates to test environment, you can do that with a couple of mouseclicks.

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