Nvidia FreeBSD Legacy Display Driver 64-bit 304.123

The 3D OpenGL video driver for legacy Nvidia graphic cards, on the FreeBSD operating system, supporting the 64-bit architecture
Nvidia FreeBSD Legacy Display Driver 64-bit
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As its name suggests, Nvidia FreeBSD Legacy Display Driver 32-bit is a proprietary OpenGL video driver that provides users with support for old (legacy) Nvidia graphics cards on any computer that runs the FreeBSD operating system or similar BSD variants. This version has been designed to supports only the 32-bit instruction set architecture. For 64-bit support, see this link.

What Nvidia legacy video cards are supported?

Unfortunately, the Nvidia FreeBSD Legacy Display Driver 64-bit is distributed only in a single branch, the 304.xx series, as opposed to the 32-bit edition that comes with four different branches, supporting even very old Nvidia graphics cards.

This means that only some legacy video cards are supported by this driver on 64-bit (x86_64) hardware. To be more precise, it supports many GPUs from the GeForce 600/600M, GeForce 500/500M, GeForce 400/400M, GeForce 300/300M, GeForce 200/200M and GeForce 100/100M.

In addition, the GeForce 9/9M/8/8M/7/7M/6/6M, Quadro and Quadro FX series, Quadro Blade/Embedded series, Quadro NVS series, Quadro Plex series, Quadro Sync series, Quadro SDI, GRID and NVS series, as well as ION and ION LE Netbooks and Desktops series are also supported.

Installing the Nvidia FreeBSD Legacy Display Driver 64-bit

In order to install the Nvidia FreeBSD Legacy Display Driver 64-bit on your FreeBSD computer, you will first need to install the kernel headers and download the driver from the Downloads section above.

Save the tar.gz file on your Home directory and extract it either using your favorite graphical archive manager or by using the “tar xzf NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-xxx.xxx.tar.gz” command in a terminal emulator, where xxx.xxx is the version number of the driver..

Exit your graphical session and enter a console (tty) environment, where you will have to compile and install the driver using the “cd NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-xxx.xxx && make install” command, where xxx.xxx is the version number of the driver.

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NVIDIA Corporation
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Nvidia FreeBSD Legacy Display Driver 64-bit
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What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed an interaction problem with xserver 1.15 that occasionally caused OpenGL applications to continue rendering when they are minimized or unmapped.
  • Added support for X.org xserver ABI 18 (xorg-server 1.16).
  • Fixed a bug that caused corruption or blank screens on monitors that use EDID version 1.3 or older when they are connected via DisplayPort on graphics boards that use external DisplayPort encoders, such as the Quadro FX 4800.
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