KToshiba 0.11 / 0.4.0 RC2

KToshiba is a battery monitor and Fn-Key support for Toshiba laptops.

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What's new in KToshiba 0.4.0 RC2:

  • Fn-F2 now toggles PowerDevil profiles correctly.
  • Kaffeine is anow a supported media player (kaffeine >= 1.0pre3 required).
  • Added spanish translation.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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KToshiba is a battery and Fn-key monitoring for Toshiba laptops, but it does much more than that. KToshiba lets you configure the Fn-F# combinations with the supported options to let you have a complete and fully customizable setup for your specific model, and lets you use those special multimedia keys found on the front panel (prev, next, play/pause,

It also features a Grapical User Interface (UI) higly integrated with KDE a powerful Desktop Environment, and a configuration module available through the Control Center or directly from the application panel menu.

All of these couln't be done without the work of Jonathan Buzzard and his Toshiba utilities.

Here are some key features of "KToshiba":

Battery status monitoring (including AC status)
Monitoring of MultiMedia keys on front panel (if available)
Mute/Unmuting (via KMix)
Lock Screen (via DCOP call)
Battery Save Mode options
Suspend to RAM (via ACPI, if available)
Suspend to Disk (via ACPI, if available)
Video Out toggling (for the moment only a widget displays status, since some models do it automatically)
Raise/Lower LCD Brightness
Control Wireless Antenna power (On/Off), and monitor switch status (On/Off)
MousePad enabling/disabling (via ksynaptics and synaptics driver, if available)
Control of Speaker volume (for models that do it via hotkey)
Control the Fan status (On/Off)
Selection of desired Boot Priority
Control LCD Backlight (On/Off)
Control Bluetooth device (On, if available)
Control CPU Frequency Scaling via SpeedStep(r) (if available)
Control Hyper-Threading(r) support (if available)
More to come... (hopefully)

What's New in This Release:

Suspend support now uses HAL
KToshiba is now able to run commands using Fn-Keys
New model IDs added
KToshiba now requires libsynaptics

Last updated on March 30th, 2010

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