Gnome-Pilot 2.32.1 / 2.91.93

A package with a daemon (gpilotd) that monitor for pilot connects on one or more devices (cradles/XCopilots/xxx).

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What's new in Gnome-Pilot 2.32.1:

  • Significant changes and bug fixes since 2.32.0:
  • fix crash in configuration applet when configuring multiple Evolution conduits #644319
  • fix crash in configuration applet caused by non-ASCII characters in owner name, introduced in migration to dbus in 2.32.0
  • fix gob rules to support parallel builds, and todo conduit map-file patch #634874,634869.
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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
3.1/5 15
JP Rosevear and Matt Davey
ROOT \ System \ Hardware
Gnome-Pilot is a package with a daemon (gpilotd) that monitor for pilot connects on one or more devices (cradles/XCopilots/xxx). Gnome-Pilot has an API for creating conduits as well as a couple of default conduits, including one for backing up files, and one for installing files.

Other packages exist that provide additional conduits, most notably gnome-pilot-conduits, and the Evolution mail/calendar/memo PIM application suite.


- gnome-pilot requires the pilot-link library and header files. See for newest .tar.gz of pilot-link.

- To compile the latest development version in cvs of this software, you may need to get pilot-link from cvs:

1) pilot-link

cvs -d login

The password is just < ENTER >.

cvs -d co pilot-link

./configure --prefix=
make install

You want to disable some of the languages to get it to build,

./configure --help for the appropriate options.

Last updated on September 12th, 2011

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