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Darik's Boot and Nuke ("DBAN") is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers.




Darik's Boot and Nuke, known as DBAN, is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers.

DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an appropriate utility for bulk or emergency data destruction.

Here are some key features of "DBAN":

Fast. Rapid deployment in emergency situations.
Easy. Start the computer with DBAN and press the ENTER key.
Safe. Irrecoverable data destruction. Prevents most forensic data recovery techniques.

Platform Support


DBAN has all available drivers for SCSI disks.
DBAN has all available drivers for IDE, PATA, and SATA disks.
DBAN runs on all 32-bit x86-class computers (Athlon, Pentium, and others) with at least 8 megs of memory. If you find an incompatible machine, then please report it.


DBAN supports all Microsoft platforms and securely destroys FAT, VFAT, and NTFS filesytems.

MS-DOS, Windows 3.1
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME
Windows NT 3.0, Windows NT 3.1, Windows NT 3.5, Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000, Windows XP

DBAN supports all unix platforms and securely destroys ReiserFS, EXT, and UFS filesystems.

FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD

Dban 1.0.7 contains:

SysLinux 2.13
Linux 2.4.33
LZMA 4.32
uClibc 0.9.20
Busybox 0.60.5
Ncurses 5.3
WinImage 8.0.8000

What's New in This Release:

New feature: ISAAC PRNG. (Closes SF#998169.)
New feature: Estimated finish time. (Closes SF#1240374.)
Linux 2.4.33 upgrade.
WinImage 8.0.8000 upgrade.
Added color and comments to the rc messages.
Added LZMA decompression support to the kernel loader.
Added contributed media labels to the distribution package.
Enabled CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN. (Closes SF#1163902.)
Enabled CONFIG_I20_BLOCK, generic I20 driver.
Enabled CONFIG_FUSION, LSI MPT driver.
Disabled CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SG, which was unused.
Disabled F12, which was deprecated.
Removed the "CPU time" field in the statistics window.
Added the "Estimated" field in the statistics window.
Changed instances of off_t to loff_t.
Moved the WinImage SFX module to the top-level distribution archive.
Fixed the string format for logging a block size change.
Fixed the overflow of 64-bit literal constants in the GUI.
Fixed the spelling of "5220.22-M".
Fixed the repeating device name in the log summary. (Closes SF#1511747.)
Last updated on April 19th, 2007

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