ATI Open Source Video Driver 6.8.0

ATI Open Source Video Driver is the open-source alternative to the ATI/Radeon video driver.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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ATI Open Source Video Driver is the open-source alternative to the ATI/Radeon video driver.

What's New in This Release:

Major changes:

mach64, r128, radeon ported to libpciaccess
massive restructuring of ati wrapper
radeon support for r5xx, rs6xx, and r6xx chips using ATOMBIOS
return of zaphod mode support
radeon support for centered modes using scalers (selectable via
output attributes)
PAL tv-out fixed on supported chips
initial support for render accel on r3xx/r4xx chips (rotation)
fix TV option handling
Xv RGB fixes
XPRESS Xv fixes
improve bios/driver interaction on radeon
revert back to previous AGP mode behavior
lots of bug fixes

Alex Deucher (134):
Initial integration of Atom code and some of Dave's code.
More of Dave's ATOM init code.
Initial support for r4xx
WIP: get ATOM crtc stuff working on r4xx
for r4xx ATOM cards, just use ATOM for PLL
Add atombios files
First round of avivo support
add additional connector types
more avivo updates
add avivo output stuff
add support for initing external tmds via ATOM
fix and move crtc source set up atombios_output.c
pull in another of Dave's fixes
make sure to assign gpio
add pci ids for X1550PRO
turn off vga control when using ext modes
use atom to program plls on r4xx
combine outputs based on id
make sure i2c bus exists before using it
rework crtc output source setup
Add full parsing support for atom bios connector table
fix from last commit
atombios_dac_detect() takes care of primary vs tv dac itself
fix INMC() and OUTMC() on !AVIVO chips
WIP: sync up with the latest ATOM bios code in rhd
WIP: more new ATOM integration work
WIP: new atom code comples.
Few fixes from the last commit.
RADEON: step one in output rework
RADEON: unify DDC line handling
RADEON: unify connectortype handling
fix typo in loop
CRTs/DFPs may share a DVI port, but TV and CV don't
Don't detect TV out for now
Don't assign a gpio for TV
fix logic in connector table check for TVs and switch counter to
symbolic names
RADEON: switch to using ATOM defines for bios device table
RADEON: fixup for bios tables with wrong connector types
RADEON: enable/disable the right TMDS controller
RADEON: add LVDS atom support
RADEON: store devices ids from bios for each driver output
RADEON: make naming consistent and remove some cruft
RADEON: major re-org and clean up of atom output control
RADEON: provide clearer debugging info
RADEON: attempt to fix crtc to output routing
RADEON: fix crtc to output routing
RADEON: reorder crtc/pll setup
RADEON: add default connector table for avivo chips
RADEON: move crtc output source selection into atombios_output.c
RADEON: first pass at TV/Component video
RADEON: re-org load detection for legacy chips
RADEON: switch r4xx to atombios load detection
RADEON: fix cursor offset on avivo chips
RADEON: implement CLUT adjust support
RADEON: small cleanup of pll code
RADEON: disable atom pll set for r4xx cards
RADEON: save/restore avivo crtc cursor control
RADEON: remove unused cruft from last atom import
RADEON: convert atombios connector table parsing to use ATOM structs
RADEON: fix typo in previous commit
RADEON: move GPIO lookup to a separate function
RADEON: handle HMDI properly (untested) and fix some merge leftovers
RADEON: fix rotation on avivo chips
RADEON: rework PLL calculation
RADEON: fix typo in previous cursor fix
RADEON: clean up units in PLL calculation
RADEON: fix sclock printout
RADEON: fix typo from merge
RADEON: post div tweaks for legacy radeon
RADEON: more PLL tweaks
RADEON: fix another merge error
RADEON: re-org legacy crtc/output code into separate files
RADEON: remove no longer used radeon_display.c
RADEON: fix rn50 reversion from last merge
RADEON: more re-org. move XAA Mem init to radeon_accel.c
RADEON: more re-org
RADEON: clean up prototypes
RADEON: fix pll input setup on mac cards
RADEON: Add "IgnoreLidStatus" option
RADEON: restore crtc regs before VGA regs.
RADEON: default "IgnoreLidStatus" to TRUE
RADEON: fix PAL tv-out
RADEON: fix typo that broke tv load detection
RADEON: Make sure all old IGP chips have HasSingleDac set
RADEON: add support for ATOM component video table
RADEON: preliminary support for ATOM RMX
RADEON: various avivo tv-out related clean-ups
RADEON: fix crash when setting rotation in the config file
RADEON: fix compile
RADEON: improve ntsc image centering
RADEON: further fixup for pScrn->pScreen issue
RADEON: fix tvdac load detection at server start up
R128: Like powerpc, don't use VGA by default on sparc
RADEON: Fix TVStandard option
RADEON: add default outputs if no connected devices
RADEON: Make default output actually work...
RADEON: restore FP2 regs before external encoders
RADEON: clean up output handling
ATOMBIOS: disable the scaler by default on avivo cards
R300: First pass at render accel
R300: only enable render accel on non-IGP r3xx/r4xx chips for now
R300: only init3d on r3xx
RADEON: add a message about render accel on newer cards
AVIVO: Add support for RMX
RADEON: use radeon_output->Flags for tracking RMX rather than mode->Flags
RADEON: make sure EXA Composite is actually disabled on XPRESS chips.
ATOM: Use LVDS edid from bios if available
RADEON: grab pll_in_min/pll_in_max from bios tables if available
RADEON: get dac2 adj values from the bios tables
RADEON: re-work i2c for DDC
RADEON: adjust PAL mode hstart
Revert "RADEON: adjust PAL mode hstart"
RADEON: Add new RV380 pci id
Seems the default is more reliable... we can't win.
RADEON: update man page to reflect AGP 1x default revert
RADEON: Implement "center" mode for RMX on legacy radeons
RADEON: remove unused "aspect" scaler option
RADEON: remove redundant RADEONDisableDisplays()
RADEON: don't restore LVDS_PLL_CNTL for now
RADEON: rework i2c handling
RADEON: sync up with latest upstream versions
R6xx: fix ddc after my i2c rework
RADEON: Implement proper (hopefully) BIOS/DRIVER interaction for COM bios
RADEON: Implement proper (hopefully) BIOS/DRIVER interaction for ATOM bios
RADEON: always restore crtc1 before crtc0 when using both crtcs
R6xx: make sure we set up the HDP base properly
R6xx: add missing objects
RADEON: make sure we always set up the FP crtc shadow registers for crtc0
R6xx: bios scratch regs moved.
R6xx: fix up use of bios scratch regs to reflect the new offsets
R6xx: when both crtcs are in use make sure they are both enabled
RADEON: disable LVDS if panel size is 0x0
ATOM: fix RS6xx connector table parsing and fix some warnings
Bump for 6.8 release

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz (2):
RADEON: various cleanups fixes

Brice Goglin (1):
RADEON: print the name of the output when printing the EDID

Dave Airlie (76):
r5xx: fix typo for crtc offset
r5xx: fix typo for crtc offset
Add copyright headers
radeon: rename a large section of avivo regs to documented names
remove avivo_reg.h
atombios: fixup warnings in atombios files
avivo i2c: consolidate the avivo i2c code
make i2c unlock/lock registers for gpios
add missing hpd register
avivo: fixup some i2c stuff
add x1900xt support
fix type for r520 agp code
restore avivo memory map registers at correct places
i2c: fix bus enable stuff
r520: nail i2c enable/disable issue
add firegl card on ajaxs machine
add z3ro's pciids
makes 2-headed cursor work
r5xx: cleanups after last merge
r5xx: add 71c5 for macbook pro
atombios: add all r5xx and r6xx pci ids
atombios: add warnings for r500 and r600
r600: block r600 startup due to lack of memory controller info
r600: get r600 to work non-accelerated.
r600: use standard memory controller setup paths
rs690 is !> r600
r600: add memory controller regs from AMD
LVDS on r500/r600 needs some work disable mobile chips for now
add missing files for make dist
re-enable mobility chips
avivo: fix typo in register saving
r500: make vt switch work again for me
atombios: add initial object header parsing for r600 cards
atombios: use values from object header
r600: add hi agp address for mc
fix silly spaces
radeon: fix up memory mapping issues for vt switch
r5xx: cleanup pll code..
r500: set default minimum pll freq
legacy: fix fb/agp read/writes
radeon: add in pll spread spectrum workaround
powerpc: build fixes from last merge
radeon: move savedreg/modereg into entity instead of info
radeon: bring back zaphod all is forgiven.
don't add fboffset to info->FB it already is mapped at the offset
disable tiling for zaphod heads
add support for building against legacy servers similiar to
Intel codepaths
add more to for using out-of-tree mode src
fixup some warnings
more zaphod fixes - some other work maybe needed
radeon: cleanup pitch calculation and make r600 work again
r600: add shadow support to r600 driver to at least make 2d useable
fixup shadow setup on !r600
fix big endian build since zaphod fixups
more endian related fixage
set ddc line correctly post-merge
fixup clip test include handling
fix mode bandwidth configure check
atombios: add support for reading tv standard from atombios
atombios: enable support for using tv timings
atombios: enable TV-out detection code - tv out works for me with this
r600: fix tv-out output naming
PLL/r600: tweak pll to pick first one found instead of keeping going
r600: fixup crash on unknown output type
r600: change devices list depending on connector
r500: tvout avoid doing dpms here it makes my tv mode go all crappy
atombios: i2c lines are all done with sw so we can accept any of them.
i2c: a line mux of 0 is valid
fixup register 6594 save/restore
r300: remove r300 specific vertex emission
r300: move fragprog setup code to prepare composite for now
add rv670 pciids
make distcheck pass
mach64: fix non pciaccess build
r128/radeon: fix build without pciaccess
r128/radeon: hopeful fix for non pci access code

David Miller (2):
[RADEON]: Like powerpc, don't use VGA by default on sparc.
[RADEON]: Add missing break in SCLK calculation.

George Sapountzis (31):
[mach64] Drop symbol lists.
Drop symbol lists from r128, radeon, theatre.
r128: pci-rework conversion
radeon: remove stray _X_EXPORT
radeon: remove stray include
ati wrapper: use pci ids
atimisc: rename to mach64
mach64: add version (need not match with ati)
mach64: load for both "ati" and "mach64" as driver names
ati wrapper: add DriverRec's and use them
ati wrapper: xf86PciInfo.h is enough
use stand-alone drivers for each chip family.
mach64: workaround for corruption at upper-left
mach64: add hint for sparc and minor cosmetic.
mach64: BIOSBase is no longer used
mach64: factor out BIOS clock parsing
mach64: cosmetic
mach64: consolidate refclk #1
mach64: consolidate refclk #2
mach64: complement hint for sparc
mach64: factor out BIOS multimedia parsing
mach64: minor cosmetic, DAC type
mach64: minor cosmetic, LCD panel id
mach64: factor out BIOS panel info parsing
mach64: minor cosmetic, I2C type
mach64: clean probe a little
ati: drop duplicate pci-id defines
r128: do not compile in PciChipsets twice
ati wrapper: translate Device lines
ati: convert to pci probe
r128/radeon: probably correct fix for non pci access code

George Wu (3):
Add LVTMA PWRSEQ registers to fix VT switching for LVDS
RADEON/R600: small code cleanup
r600: might as well fix VT for R600

Kristian Hgsberg (1):
RADEON: fix crtc routing on r4xx cards when using atom to init DVO chip

Kusanagi Kouichi (1):
radeon: Partial fix for XVideo RGB image distortions.

Maciej Cencora (2):
atombios: initial rs690 patches
RS690: Implement MC idle check

Michel Dnzer (2):
radeon: Miscellaneous warning fixes.
radeon: Adapt manpage to reality wrt AGP options.

Roland Scheidegger (1):
bring back to life planar-to-packed conversion for rs4xx

Last updated on February 19th, 2008

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