rfsdelta 0.08

rfsdelta is a kernel module for the Linux 2.6 series that collects all filesystem inode changes.
rfsdelta is a kernel module for the Linux 2.6 series that collects all filesystem inode changes (recursively) and reports them to a userspace process.

It is similar to inotify, dnotify (but provides recursive notification, and only a single watcher process is allowed), fschange, fsevent, and rlocate (but also reports unlink(), rmdir(), and st_*).

This project was based on the kernel module shipped with rlocate 0.5.5.


· Only one watch per system: the 2nd attempt to open rfsdelta-events will give `Device or resource busy'.
· Doesn't work with rlocate.ko or any other security module (registered with register_security()). A subsequent call to register_security will yield `Invalid parameters'. (This shouldn't be hard to fix provided that rlocate.ko is the first security module to be loaded.)

How to compile and install

You need a Linux 2.6 kernel source tree, and a kernel with these settings:

CONFIG_SECURITY_CAPABILITES: disabled or module (=m)

In the folder containing `rfsdelta', run

$ make

This has built the rfsdelta.ko kernel module.

As root, run this to try:

# insmod rfsdelta.ko
# cat /proc/rfsdelta
# rmmod rfsdelta

As root, run these to install:

# make install
# modprobe rfsdelta

To try it, as root start

# tr ' 00' 'n'

You can change a couple of settings in /proc/rfsdelta. Run this command
as root:

# echo '< key >:< value >' >/proc/rfsdelta

What's New in This Release:

· Some in-kernel locking and synchronization issues were fixed. log_writes support (i.e. reporting changes of file contents) was added.

last updated on:
September 13th, 2007, 16:35 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
ROOT \ System \ Filesystems
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